8 Important Spring Cleaning Tips

by maidsinbrown - January 22, 2019

When spring comes around, you know that the house you live in is about to get a whole lot cleaner and organized! Yes, it’s the perfect time to revamp your home with a few, simple yet important spring cleaning tips that you probably wish you knew last year!

So, with lots to do and so many tasks that are at risk of being overlooked, these 8 important spring cleaning tips are going to help you achieve the kind of cleanliness and neatness that dreams are made of! Read on.

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1) Clean from Top to Bottom: Start with Ceiling Fixtures

How often does your home look clean and decent until you glance up at your ceiling? Most homeowners intentionally neglect cleaning ceiling fixtures simply because it requires more time, effort and, generally, a ladder! Therefore, it is a major spring cleaning task to tick off and also the best place the start. Home cleaning should always be done from top to bottom so that you don’t end up unsettling dirt from higher surfaces after you’ve cleaned lower ones. To minimize the amount of dust and debris that becomes airborne when cleaning ceiling fixtures, use damp cloths and/or old pillowcases that aid in trapping the dust and dirt inside.

NOTE: Avoid using damp cloths to wipe bulbs or electrical components.

2) Clear Out Cabinets Before You Clean Them

More often than not, storage spaces such as kitchen cabinets are cluttered with items that you no longer require. Hence, it’s important to clear out each shelf and quickly sort through the contents to determine what stays and what goes. Not only is it easier to clean a cabinet that isn’t stuffed with items, but it also frees up space and allows for better organization. Since spring cleaning can be rather overwhelming at times, it’s best to clear and clean cabinets around the house one at a time over a course of 2 (or more) days.

3) Deep Clean Upholstery

If you haven’t cleaned your upholstery recently, it’s likely to be stained/discolored and dirty. What’s worse, dust and debris make your sofas and chairs smell dingy and lead to allergies. On top of this, dirty upholstery is covered in body oils and bacteria. Therefore, a deep clean when spring rolls around is definitely in order! For this task, it’s best to begin as early as possible so that your upholstery has the rest of the day to dry and air out properly. If needed, leave the upholstery overnight under a high-speed ceiling fan.

4) De-Clutter Your Home

If your spring cleaning doesn’t involve de-cluttering, you’re not doing it right! There’s no better time to get rid of clutter than when you’re spring cleaning your home. Moreover, it’s one of the easier tasks to do! Again, you can take your time with this if you’ve collected a lot of things over the past months that contribute to clutter; however, it must be done. So, keep some boxes and garbage bags handy to fill up with things that you’d like to donate and discard (respectively).

5) Move Furniture Around When Cleaning

Daily or regular cleaning generally involves cleaning around furniture, not underneath and/or behind it. This is how dust bunnies are formed and even worse, (although you may not see it) accumulated dust in your house can cause a string of allergies and lead to colds, coughs and other health-related issues. While it’s not necessary to move furniture around each and every time you clean, it’s a must when spring cleaning. Use a vacuum cleaner with appropriate attachment heads to quickly remove dust and dirt from underneath and behind furniture.

6) Spot Clean Stains First for More Efficiency

Whether you’re cleaning your floors, furniture or walls, it’s best to spot clean stains before cleaning the rest of the area since it’s likely that stubborn stains won’t come out unless specially treated. It also makes the rest of the cleaning process easier and quicker because you don’t have to waste time scrubbing at stains using a regular cleaner. Depending on the surface and type of stain, there are many products or homemade cleaners that can be used to spot clean.

7) Sanitize Frequently Touched Items

From door knobs and handles, to switchboards and handheld objects; these are things that homeowners rarely pay attention to when cleaning. Ironically, these frequently touched items have been proven to be some of the most ‘germy’ spots within most homes! Crawling with bacteria that are left by simply the touch of unwashed hands, these handheld hot spots must be sanitized when spring cleaning your home. You can use a store-bought disinfectant for this or a natural sanitizer such as vinegar.

8) Do Mold Inspections; Clean Immediately

You never know when or where mold could be growing in your home until you do a thorough inspection. Some common household areas where mold thrives include bathrooms, attics, basements, around pipelines, behind washing machines and underneath kitchen sinks. For severe cases of mold growth, bleach is your best bet for proper and safe removal. On the other hand, a small amount of mold can be removed by using a natural cleaning agent like white distilled vinegar.

NOTE: Wear protective gear when handling bleach for safety reasons.

Remember, spring cleaning is all about going beyond the basics so be sure to keep these 8 important spring cleaning tips in mind when going about it! For peace of mind, Maids in Brown can take complete care of your lovely home with all your house cleaning needs.

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