5 Cleaning Tips for Longer Lasting Carpets at Home

by maidsinbrown - December 10, 2018

Carpet has become a popular flooring choice for most homeowners, thanks to the various benefits it offers. Not only does carpet flooring enhances your home décor with striking colour and texture designs, but carpet flooring is also equally warm, quiet and cozy.

Carpets are also highly versatile, and will often work well is a broad range of areas at home. Homeowners can make use of the quality carpets in their living rooms, a den or even a bedroom. Carpet flooring also offers the much-needed durability, requiring only some basic cleaning and maintenance to remain in good shape.

Although most carpet types are made to withstand heavy use, they often tend to accumulate dirt and dust at a relatively faster rate. Regardless of your best efforts, the chances are always high that your carpet will be clogged with nearly all types of dust, debris and dirt.

What’s more, house carpets are always going to attract pet dander, food spillage as well as messy pet scratches. It’s mandatory to conduct regular cleaning to properly maintain your carpet. This is only the way to ensure your carpet remains in tip-top condition. Not only is there a broad range of health benefits of cleaning your carpets, but visitors will also likely notice a significant difference as well!

close up of woman with cloth cleaning carpet

So, how should you clean your carpet effectively?

Carpet cleaning can prove to be a daunting task, especially if you don’t have the right tools and knowledge in cleaning. That’s why as industry leaders such as Maids in Brown, have found it useful to provide you with practical and effective tips on how to clean your carpets to keep it longer-lasting.

1) Always remove stains instantly

When something spills on your carpet, it is always highly advisable to get rid of all the stains as soon as possible. You can use either a clean piece of sponge or cloth, to apply a sufficient amount of pressure to soak up everything.

However, you should never rub or try to scrub the stain. This will only push those fine articles further into carpet fibers hence making it even more difficult to eliminate the stains. You are also likely to damage the fibers that you are trying to preserve. Even if you manage to rid of the stains, the fabric will seem visibly worn out in that particular spot.

For these reasons, you want to blot stains out of the carpet by applying a very little amount of pressure. Blot from the extreme edges of the stain and only use specific stain-removal chemicals. All experts agree that baking soda is arguably the most powerful and most effective stain cleaning compound.

2) Proper and frequent vacuuming is a must

Of course, this does not imply that you’ll have to clean your carpet on a daily basis. Most cleaning experts recommend once per week, especially if there’s not much dust and dirt on your carpets. Regular vacuuming reduces the need for frequent washing. You’ll need a quality vacuum cleaner and apply the right cleaning procedures.

You must find the perfect height. If you position your vacuum too low, it will potentially cause damage to the carpet. On the other hand, if it’s too high, you won’t clean your carpet properly. By regularly vacuuming your carpet, you’ll relieve it of all the debris and dirt built-up particles which might damage it.

3) Keep all those footwear out of your house

Leaving your shoes outdoor can be an effective preventive measure because it ensures all those sand and soil particles do not find their way into your carpets. If you lack a garage, it would be a great idea to have a rug by the door where you can safely put your shoes. Such a move will minimize the transfer of outdoor dust indoors.

Woman using a vacuum cleaner while cleaning carpet in the house.

4) Remove those candle wax wisely and efficiently

Getting rid of wax produced by candles can be an intimidating task. However, professional cleaners are aware that the perfect move to eliminate wax should never involve trying to physically rip it out of the fabric. Instead, you only need to reheat the wax, change it into the liquid state and remove it gently.

All you have to do is to cover the wax using a lean piece of cloth then use your household iron box to melt the wax. As a result of the heat and pressure offered by the iron box, the melted wax will bind to that piece of cloth. If anything remains, use your butter knife to pull off the little scraps of wax.

5) Make use of professional cleaners

This is arguably the best way to clean your carpets. Professional carpet cleaners not only boast of the relevant knowledge and experience on what carpet cleaning entails, but also have the right carpet cleaning tools and equipment to take care of even some of the most stubborn carpet stains and dirt.

They know cleaning products that might work best for your carpet’s fabric. It is highly recommended that you should hire a professional carpet cleaner after every twelve to eighteen months. It’s also imperative to note that carpet cleaning companies often use steam cleaners, a cleaning method that ensures your carpet not only dries relatively faster but equally reduces the possibility of mold growth.

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