10 Simple Household Cleaning Habits To Develop

by maidsinbrown - January 10, 2019

There are potentially endless benefits of having a clean home. Regular cleaning is the ultimate way to keep dust and other irritating allergens at bay. There are many benefits to hiring a professional home cleaner if you aren’t bothered to do the cleaning yourself.

On the other hand, incorporating small positive cleaning habits into your daily life definitely has its perks. Keeping your house clean and organized not only reduces your risk of injury by keeping things out of harm’s way.

It is also an effective way to ward off pests which are known to disguise themselves in untidy and dusty areas. Equally, keeping your premises clean gives more opportunities to detect an impending mold growth and fix the issue in a timely manner.

We all know how it can be a daunting task to always keep your home tidy. Without an effective plan, you may find it extremely hard to keep up with the daily demands of home cleaning.

Pretty maid makes the bed in the hotel room

1) Making your bed

To most of us, making your bed always seems like a waste of time. In reality, making your bed every morning makes a huge difference between having an organized and cluttered bedroom. To make things relatively easier, simplify your bed as much as possible. Reduce the number of sheets and just use a duvet and perhaps a washable bed cover.

2) Create a routinely 15-minute clean-up

You’ll find it a lot easier to achieve your daily cleaning goals if everyone in your house is involved. Create a practical cleaning plan and give priority to top cleaning demands. Your kids can clean their own rooms or any other smaller and less demanding household cleaning chores. You and other older members can tackle more complex tasks such as cleaning the kitchen and taking care of the laundry. You can also run your effective robotic vacuum during this period, especially around those areas of high traffic.

3) Keep all your cleaning supplies closer to where you regularly use them

To become an effective cleaner, you must equip yourself with basic house cleaning tools such as cleaning bucket, microfiber damp dusting cloths, mini grout brush, vacuum cleaner, microfiber mop, laundry bags, shoe covers, knee pads, floor cleaner, glass cleaner, and soap scum remover among others. Such a move will make it fairly easier to give your bathroom a quick scrub or eliminate that gross toothpaste from the mirror!

4) Don’t posses extras of anything

Owning extra supplies of anything always results in too much stuff, and this, in turn, creates more clutter. Clutter, on the other hand, is a major hindrance to having an organized home. Rebuke the habit of having duplicate items in your home. If you have extra items that you don’t always use, you are advised to either sell or donate them. All in all, the bottom line is that you don’t need to jam your home with too many stuff.

5) Don’t leave your dirty dishes overnight

All your cereal bowls, coffee mugs, and other dirty utensils should be cleaned before you retire to bed. This not only enhances your cleanliness efforts but also ensures that everything will be ready for breakfast preparation during the morning hours. For more information on how to keep your kitchen clean  Kitchen Cleaning 101

6) Empty your bin more regularly

Don’t let your household rubbish bins to pile up into stinking, side-splitting waste. Instead, take the initiative to always empty your waste bins into recycling bags. This can be a great task for your younger kids seeking to contribute to your daily housekeeping plans. You are also highly encouraged to place small rubbish bins in every room, including bedrooms, bathroom, home office as well as your living room. Arguably, this is a sure way to keep your house clean and hygienic, just ask any of our cleaners.

7) Design a simple filing system for those papers

From receipts, notification cards to school notes, invoices and invitation cards, paperwork can easily cause havoc in any environment. Paper-related materials can pile up very quickly, and you’ll need to be extremely cautious about how you handle them. Having a functional filing system not only saves you time looking for documents but also ensures your home is free from scattered and unsightly papers. A simple file organizer kept in your living room or kitchen works effectively for keeping paper materials thus preventing the unwanted build-up of paper waste.

8) Vacuum and dust more regularly

If you dust and vacuum on a regular basis, your home will remain clean, healthy and a safe place to be. Here are 7 tips to effectively eliminate dust from your lovely home!

9) Take care of your shoes

No one wants to see shoes and other foot garments thrown and scattered around the house. Shoes are known to accumulate plenty of dust, especially if left unattended. Incorporate the habit of removing your shoes at the door into your routine to ensure no traces of dust are allowed to enter your home.

10) Take care of your clothes

Shy away from the habit of throwing your dirty clothes over furniture or on the floor. Whether dirty or clean, your clothes should always be put in their right places.

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If you don’t have the time to incorporate these habits into your busy lifestyle then why not get our friendly maid to attend your home and provide our home cleaning services for you?

Maids in Brown can provide one of our maids to your home in Arlington, Washington DC or a nearby city to get your house professionally cleaned! Simply give us a call on 571-466-6900.